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5 Creative Businesses to Start Within Insulated Storage Containers

Are you looking for a cheap and easy place to kick-start your business? If you have the property but are in need of a building, then insulated storage containers might just be the perfect solution you've been searching for.

Insulated storage containers are those shipping containers that have been outfitted with insulative materials to create a more traditional building feel on the inside. They can be repurposed from moving and storage containers into robust interior spaces that can be utilized in a variety of creative ways, including:

5 Businesses to Start Within Insulated Storage Containers

  1. Exercise studio. The open floor plan of large storage containers makes them a fantastic solution for an exercise or even yoga studio. This is especially true if you are catering to clients who value recycling and upcycling items.

  2. Airbnb. Looking to make some extra cash on your property? Outfit insulated storage containers into beautiful studios that you can then rent out on places like Airbnb.

  3. Home office. Sometimes you need a unique space to get the freelancing juices flowing. Instead of building, converting a insulated storage container into studios, is a great option to create a home office and work out of in your backyard.

  4. Pop-up restaurant. Forget food trucks. Consider a full-on restaurant space where people can sit out of the cold, and one that you can move around. Insulated storage containers can be outfitted into movable kitchens and dining spaces. This can especially prove helpful for those looking to share their culinary delights at extended week or weekend festivals.


Portable event venue. Food isn't the only thing you can make and share within outfitted moving and storage containers. You might outfit the insulated container as a stage or other type of event venue that can easily be transported to wherever it needs to go.

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