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Popular Modifications for Custom Shipping Containers

So you have seen our signs regarding sea cans for sale and are wondering just what you can do with them! Our team at Elite Container Terminals is proud to keep in stock the largest and newest fleet of sea cans for sale in the area. But maybe you're wondering just what you'll do once you buy a shipping container? Well, the following is a look at some popular ways to make new containers into custom shipping containers:

Popular Modifications for Custom Shipping Containers

  • Extra doors. Extra doors are a very popular method of transforming custom shipping containers thanks to the benefits of having multiple points of access. You can include both traditional doors or utilize roll-up doors on standard and high cube sea cans for sale.

  • Racks and shelving. The most common reason our customers cite for buying our sea cans for sale is the need for more off-the-ground storage. Thus, custom shipping containers often have added shelving and racks.

  • Electricity and HVAC updates. In order to use custom shipping containers for just about anything, you will want to run at least some electricity through them. Lights and air conditioning and heating equipment are fairly straightforward modifications that really improves the feel and usability of these styles of portable spaces.

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