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A Look at How Big & Versatile the 20ft & the 40ft Shipping Container Are

Here at Elite Container Terminals, our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in shipping container solutions. Our Ontario team offers all sizes of shipping containers for both rental and sale, including both the popular sizes of the 20ft shipping container and the 40ft shipping shipping container. A standard height 20ft shipping container is one that is 20 feet in length and typically 8'6" high, which is plenty of room storage.

On occasion, our Ontario shipping container business also gets even taller 20ft shipping container options that are called "High Cube" containers. These containers are 9'6" high, which can be an ideal solution for those wanting to add a short loft in something like a studio built. Unfortunately, these High Cube 20ft shipping containers are not as common, but we can place you on a waiting list if you are interested. Both sizes are conditions in a variety of grades and conditions, with our team able to help you select the perfect container solution for your needs.

The other common size we have is the 40ft shipping container. The 40 ft shipping container also comes in both the 8'6" high option and the taller 9'6" option. The taller option in the 40ft shipping container is more prevalent, making it the better choice for those in need of a higher ceiling. We have both sizes of the 40ft shipping container available as what is called "one trip" container, which means they transported cargo into Canada at one time and now are available for sale or rental.

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